Deanna Burnett

Artist's Statement:

"Deanna Burnett is an artist who has resided in the Comox Valley since 2016. Her work has been described as narrative, evocative and full of emotion. Burnett continues to explore and express her journey with mental health struggles as well as her spirituality. Much of her work is centred around her subconscious feelings and experiences, such as dreams or self revelations. Her iconography frequently depicts women, landscapes, clouds and gestural marks.


Burnett's work includes painting, drawing, sculpture and mixed media. Her emotionally driven subject matter is mainly portrayed by using female portraiture. Many of the women she creates have an ostensibly calm appearance concealing sadness. She doesn’t focus on realism, believing art should arouse feelings, unsettling or otherwise, as if  the walls in the piece absorb the mood of the subject."

Contact the artist:

Instagram: @deannajoy_art

Facebook: @deannajoyartist

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Present, 2020, graphite, 24"x 19" 


Past, 2020, graphite, 24"x 19"


Hideaway, 2020, acrylic,12"x 36"


Envy, 2020, pastel and ink, 12"x 18"


Future, 2020, graphite, 24"x 19"


Untitled, 2020, acrylic, 24"x 32"

Suppressed Emotion.JPG

Suppressed Emotions, 2020, acrylic, 24"x 30"

The naked lady .jpg

The Naked Lady, 2020, acrylic, 24"x 38"


Absorb, 2019, watercolour, 19"x 24"


Release, 2019, acrylic, 30"x 40"