Most Likely to Start a Movement, 2020, watercolour on cotton rag 18"x 22"


Most Likely to earn an Oscar, 2020, watercolour on cotton rag, 18"x 22"

Cheyenne Maguire

Artist's Statement:

"My art has been an outlet for me for many years. It is a way for me to escape from the real world and create something that brings dreams to life. Primarily, I work in watercolor, using layers to create saturation and vivid color. Typically, my imagery contains nature and animals, in combination with some element of pop culture; anthropomorphism has been my focus as of late, particularly woodland animals dressed as high school stereotypes. The imagery is usually humorous and quirky, as I want to leave my viewers with a whimsical, happy feeling. I take lots of inspiration from my favourite artists, Andy Warhol and Beatrix Potter, as well as my job at 4Cats art studio. I have been interested in, and creating, art since I was able to hold a paint brush."

Artist's Biography:

"Cheyenne Maguire is a Nanaimo based art student, and she was raised in the town in which she practices. She is currently studying at Vancouver Island University to acquire her BA Major in Visual Art. She works in watercolour paints and pencil crayon drawings, focusing primarily on the use of saturated colour and multiple layers. Her subject matter varies, but there is always a heavily implied nature theme, with additional pop culture references. Favourite subjects of Cheyenne’s are anthropomorphic animals. Woodland creatures wearing clothing is an expected portrayal for her to create. Much of her work is comparable to the artist Beatrix Potter’s works. Her pieces have been described as quirky and narrative, and are often recognisable to viewers familiar with her past works. Currently, Cheyenne teaches mixed media workshops at 4Cats art studios, and she has been with them since 2017."

Contact the artist:

Instagram: @creatorbun

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Most Likely to win a Championship, 2020, watercolour on cotton rag, 18"x 22"


 Most Likely to Write a Best Seller, 2020, watercolour on cotton rag, 18"x 22"


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