Tarot Deck detail, 2020, Intaglio print, 5"x 9" each.

Forsaken in the Abyss, 2020, pen and ink, 20"x 42"

Sydney Fleming

Artist's Statement:


Sydney Fleming is an aspiring artist who focuses mainly on representing mental fragility and pain in painting and printmaking mediums. Her art focuses on combining multiple elements to create work that is both grotesque and enticing to the viewer. In this particular set of work she elevates the grotesque and combines elements of tarot with elements of gore while still presenting it in an approachable manner. She usually uses a combined palette while painting and utilises both dark and bold colours. Sydney continues to make art for everyone and is always expanding and improving her pieces; continually working hard to elaborate and clarify her work.

The Fool, 2020, Intaglio print, 5"x 9".

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