Serum 3, 2019, Edited photopolymer,
intaglio etched print on paper, 11"x 15


Serum 1, 2019, Edited photopolymer,
intaglio etched print on paper, 11"x 15


Serum 2, 2019, Edited photopolymer,
intaglio etched print on paper, 11"x 15

Suzanna van Galen

Artist's Statement

Suzanna van Galen is a visual artist who lives and practices in Nanaimo, BC.  Her specialty is in intaglio etching; however, she embraces several printmaking skills that can be used and interchanged at any time. Processes often include the use of layers, mark making, photographs, repurposing and recycling of old materials.  She brings into play unconventional mediums and the intentional use of previously etched, marked and manipulated plates whether they are of metal, lino or plexiglass. The ideas for Suzanna’s prints often come from things that are seen or remembered or, a blending of techniques as the mechanics of creation unfold.

Her goal is to generate an attentive curiosity, particularly in children, introducing them to the languages of art. While Suzanna is engaged in decision making with the visual and conceptual, the works tend to become balanced between what is familiar and what is abstract. Through these compositional choices she finds great joy in interpreting life’s puns and idiosyncrasies into print, often arriving at images that transcend the commonplace

Artist's Biography:

Suzanna van Galen, printmaker and visual artist is following her creative dream.  In her journey to obtain a BA, with a major in visual arts, she explored the magic of printmaking. Suzanna has been immersed in the discovery of a variety of techniques many of which include the use of recycled and previously manipulated materials with an abstract yet organic flair.  Much of her work hints at a story, often with a wink and a nod. She has won awards both in 3D sculpture and in advanced printmaking with her work being shown at the Port Theatre, the Nanaimo Arts Council, Ladysmith Waterfront Gallery, Milner Gardens , the VIU View Gallery and Progressions student shows.  She has sold many works through these venues as well as personal connections and currently continues to contribute to a variety of creative venues in collaboration with her peers


Quarantine Blues 2, 2020, Cyanotype print on paper, 11"x 15”


Quarantine Blues 3, 2020, Cyanotype print on paper, 11"x 15”


Quarantine Blues 1, 2020, Cyanotype print on paper, 11"x 15”


Tate, 2020, Photopolymer etched print
with chine colle, a la poupee, 7"x 11”


So Tired, 2020, Marmoleum lino etched with Draino, Intaglio print
with Chine Colle, 2020, 5.5"x 7.5”

Cyanotype Weed Chair.jpg

Weed Chair, 2020, Cyanotype print on cotton, wood sculpture with carving.

svg.Collaged and Stitched1.jpeg

Collaged and Stitched, 2020, Etchings collaged & printed onto rice paper and enhanced with Varethane, freehand stitched on wool pillowcases, 17"x 23”