Osprey with Fish, 2020, Acrylic, 4'x 6'.


Shayne Lloyd

Artist's Statement

Shayne Lloyd is a Canadian born artist living and working on Vancouver Island, BC. His working body of art reflects a diverse range and a willingness to encompasses variety of mediums. Lloyds recent
works include carvings, paintings, printmaking, ceramics and graphic novels. An overall theme that seems to bubble to the surface in his work is a appreciation for wildlife, nature and complexity of the
human spirit. Prior to his enrolment in University Shayne had first attended animation school in Vancouver, BC where he attained a certificate in Classical Animation. Outside of school Shayne is a working artist performing a variety of contracts for business, community groups and individuals. He currently shows his works with Ahtsik Native Art Gallery in Port Alberni, BC. Shayne has been selected as the lead artist for the Rotary Community Building Mural, a 1500 square foot mural project set to be painted in the summer of 2020.

Shayne feels that traditional art school presented the opportunity to grow as a visual artist, broaden his scope of creative output in addition to receiving a degree from a Post secondary school. The works that Shayne selected for his grad show reflect what he feels is a representation of his personality, passion and persistence. Shayne wanted to create a body of work that reflects his ability to work in both two dimensional and three-dimensional art. He selected three works
for his graduation show. It was Shayne’s hope that the three works act as a snapshot of his progress, style and approach in his creative craft. Shayne also hopes that the viewers appreciate the range of all
the artists representing Vancouver Island University.

Modern Day Plauge, 2020, Acrylic, 4'x 3'.


Seal, 2020, Red Cedar, 1.5'x 4'. 


Seal, 2020, Red Cedar, 1.5'x 4'. 


Seal, 2020, Red Cedar, 1.5'x 4'. 


Seal detail, 2020, Red Cedar, 1.5'x 4'. 

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Seal, 2020, Red Cedar, 1.5'x 4'.