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Nesta Morgan

Artist's Statement:

I can at times be a prolific potter, stuck on the wheel until I’ve run out of clay. However, I can also be ruthless and destroy as much as I make. When a piece doesn’t come out quite how I envisioned it doesn’t bother me. In fact, it brings me much joy to introduce my failure to the floor, with force. I feel the appeal of clay is it allows me to bring my ideas to a three dimensional form that can be interacted with and used in everyday life. It permits me to bring memories to the physical world and mould it into something tangible and solid. My latest work is
inspired by the T.V. shows I grew up with and had an impact on my art ever since, as well as, historical art pieces I have seen in my travels. I bring together the magic and nostalgia from those shows and combine it with traditional, utilitarian pottery from other countries. When these components are brought together they create an ethereal and functional form that crosses different cultures.

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Moon Jar, 2020, ceramic, 6"x 6"x 10"

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Moon Jar Series, 2020, ceramic


Moon Jar Series, 2020, ceramic


Moon Jar Series, in process, 2020, ceramic