Jadranka Andros

and dull- coloured paint, my aim was to depict the struggle; the broken, damaged, pained body that is usually hidden away from the public eye.

Creating these art pieces was part of my own healing journey. Wearing the “masks” helps me push through the rough, unpleasant part of life, and embrace it in knowing that I’m always in charge of my own life, and that life is beautiful. These artworks are the remainder to myself that I am the dandelion that thrives under any conditions.

Artist's Biography:

"Jadranka Andros likes to say that she is on a journey without a destination. She is a practising artist with perpetual love of learning and exploring, as well as creating art that reflects her nostalgic longing for her motherland of Croatia. Born as a youngest of four daughters to a lower-class working parents, she learned to weave, knit, sew, make jewellery, wood furniture, musical instruments, as well as any wood and ceramic objects need for a daily life. These artistic skills in a communist regime were not views as an art, but rather as a way of living and a daily survival skill.


Therefore, her formal art studies started in her early forties as a part of a single mother in a need to rediscover herself. She attained a Fashion Design and Textile Study diploma from former Yugoslavia in 1984.

She is a multi-medium artist with the most favourite being oil paintings, collage, sculpture, ceramics, and lately watercolours. Jadranka’s work has been displayed in Milner Gardens in Qualicum Beach in 2015, Port Theatre in Nanaimo in 2015, Student Progressions at VIU in 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019, and  at The View Gallery at VIU in 2017, 2018 and 2019."

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Instagram: @jadrankaandros


Artist's Statement:

I wear many masks!  It is not about deceiving anyone but rather to hide the pain, the worry, or any other unpleasant feeling that comes my way. I believe that there are plenty of people like me wearing a “mask”. To hide our everyday struggles, we put on a brave face, we dress up, we wear a smile, and we look strong and confident.

My latest artworks reflect that duality in our lives, hence the name The Masquerade.  I have used a variety of materials, from a plastic half body mannequin, paper mache, paint, canvas, ready-made objects, and anything that served the purpose of depicting the beauty of living- the- life, as well as the struggles that the same life endures.

On one side, using the ethereal and airy materials, the bright uplifting colours for the flowers, and giving it a glamorous look, I wanted to create the sense of happiness and show the beauty of life. On the reverse side, with the use of rough material


Light After Darkness, 2020, wood, wire, acrylic, and canvas


Beauty Within2020, acrylic, paper-mache, mask, ready-made clothing and accessories 

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BeautyWithin (2).jpeg

 Masquerade, 2020, Mix medium life size art works

 Masquerade, 2020, Mix medium life size art works

Coming Undone, 2020, Life size mannequin, ready made materials, paper mâché, and acrylic.


 I Found Me, 2020, Acrylic, canvas, wire, and textile, life size

 I Found Me,, 2020, Acrylic, canvas, wire, and textile, life size

Beauty Within, 2020, acrylic, paper-mache, mask, ready-made clothing and accessories 

Welcome to Unknown, 2020, Acrylic on canvas, 5'x 7'